Keel (noun)

  1. A structural beam or girder running along the centerline of the bottom of a ship or boat from the bow to the stern, providing stability and support.
  2. A similar beam or ridge in the center of a canoe or similar craft.
  3. A type of bird with a distinctive flat bill, such as the common gull.


The word 'keel' originated from the old english word 'ceol' meaning 'ship'.


  1. The keel of the ship was essential in keeping it steady on the water.
  2. The keel of the canoe helped it track straight in the current.
  3. The keel of the gull is designed to scoop up food from the water.
  4. The ship's keel was damaged during the storm, causing it to list to one side.
  5. The keel is the backbone of the ship, providing essential support and strength.
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