Kerchief (noun)

  1. A square piece of cloth or fabric, typically with decorative edges, used for covering the head, neck, or shoulders, or for wiping the face or hands.
  2. A small square of cloth used for wiping the face or blowing the nose.


From the middle english word kerchef, from old french cuevrechief, from cuevre "cover" + chief "head".


  1. She wore a red kerchief on her head to keep her hair in place.
  2. The woman pulled out a kerchief from her pocket to wipe her eyes.
  3. A kerchief is a small square of cloth that is used to wipe the face or blow the nose.
  4. Kerchiefs were commonly worn by women as a head covering.
  5. The kerchief was used to wrap the baby's head in the traditional way.
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