Kernel (noun)

  1. The inner part of a seed, nut, or grain that is surrounded by a shell or husk and is capable of growing into a new plant.
  2. The central or essential part of something, especially one that forms the basis for its existence or development.
  3. The core of an operating system in a computer, responsible for basic tasks such as memory allocation and system calls.


The word 'kernel' originated from the old english word 'cyrnel' meaning 'a small seed or grain'.


  1. The kernel of the corn was protected by a tough outer husk.
  2. The kernel of his argument was that the policy was unjust and unfair.
  3. The kernel of the operating system manages the basic functions of the computer.
  4. The kernel of the apple is located at its core, surrounded by its flesh.
  5. The kernel of his ideas has been the driving force behind his research.
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