Kibble (noun)

Small, bite-sized pieces of processed food, typically for animals such as dogs.


The word kibble comes from the word "kibble" which means "to break up into small pieces" and it is believed to have been first used in english in the 18th century. it is commonly used to refer to small, bite-sized pieces of processed food for animals, especially dogs.


  1. He filled the dog's bowl with kibble, a type of dry food that is easy to store and serve.
  2. The cat food came in small kibble pieces, making it easy for the cat to eat.
  3. He mixed the kibble with wet food to make it more appealing to the dog.
  4. The kibble was made from high-quality ingredients, providing the dog with all the necessary nutrients.
  5. She put the kibble in a container with a lid to keep it fresh and prevent it from getting stale.
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