Kiddo ( noun , adjective )

(As a noun)

Kiddo ( noun )

  1. A young child or young person.
  2. A term of endearment for a child or young person.


Informal word originated from early 20th century american english, child or youngster.


  1. The kiddo was too young to understand what was happening.
  2. She always called her little brother kiddo.
  3. He was the youngest kiddo in the class.
  4. The kiddo was so cute with her big brown eyes and curly hair.
  5. The kiddo was full of energy and always on the go.

(As an adjective)

Kiddo ( adjective )

Young or youthful.


From the noun.


  1. The kiddo wasn't old enough to drive yet.
  2. She had a kiddo face that made her look much younger than she actually was.
  3. He was the kiddo of the group and always had a lot of energy.
  4. The kiddo team was full of enthusiasm and energy.
  5. She had a kiddo spirit and always found the fun in everything.
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