Killdeer (noun)

  1. A bird species native to North America, known for its distinctive call and sandy-colored plumage with two black breast bands.
  2. A type of plover bird that is commonly found near water and known for its distinctive call and distinctive plumage.


Killdeer is named after its distinctive call, which sounds like "kill-deer." the bird is native to north america.


  1. The killdeer flew over the lake, its call echoing across the water.
  2. The killdeer nested near the river, its two black breast bands visible in the sun.
  3. The killdeer's distinctive call alerted the hikers to its presence.
  4. The killdeer was a common sight on the shores of the lake.
  5. The killdeer's sandy-colored plumage blended in with the beach sand.
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