Kimono ( noun , verb )

(As a noun)

Kimono ( noun )

  1. A traditional Japanese garment worn by men, women and children, consisting of a long, wide-sleeved robe that is wrapped around the body and fastened with a sash.
  2. A robe or dressing gown worn by men and women in Western countries.


From the japanese word kimono, which means "thing to wear".


  1. She was wearing a beautiful silk kimono.
  2. The kimono is a traditional garment that is still worn today for special occasions.
  3. He was wearing a kimono and sandals.
  4. The kimono is often worn with an obi, or sash, and other traditional accessories.
  5. The kimono is a symbol of Japanese culture and tradition.

(As a verb)

Kimono ( verb )

To dress or robe oneself in a kimono.


From the noun.


  1. She was kimonoed in a beautiful silk robe.
  2. He kimonoed himself in a traditional Japanese garment.
  3. The bride kimonoed herself in a beautiful white kimono.
  4. The guests kimonoed themselves in traditional Japanese clothing.
  5. The actor kimonoed himself in traditional Japanese garb for the role.
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