Kindle ( verb , noun )

(As a verb)

Kindle ( verb )

  1. To start a fire.
  2. To cause an emotion or feeling to start or become stronger.


Middle english kindlen, from old english cnyttan, cnyttian; akin to old high german knuozzen to press together, knuot knot.


  1. He kindled the fire with some dry branches and twigs.
  2. She kindled his passion for adventure with her stories of faraway lands.
  3. The sight of the beautiful sunset kindled a feeling of awe in her.
  4. His words kindled a fire of anger in her.
  5. She kindled the lamp with a matchstick.

(As a noun)

Kindle ( noun )

A small fire, especially one made with twigs.


Middle english kindle, from kindlen to kindle.


  1. She made a kindle to cook her dinner.
  2. He was able to start a kindle with just two matches.
  3. The kindle in the fireplace was dying out, so he added more wood.
  4. She was sitting by the kindle, reading a book.
  5. The kindle was the only source of light in the cabin.
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