King-size (adjective)

  1. Describing something that is larger or extra-large in size, especially in comparison to a standard or average size.
  2. Used to describe a size of a product that is larger than a standard size, such as in bedding, clothing, or food portions.


The term 'king-size' likely originated in the realm of bedding, where it was used to describe a size larger than a standard or queen-sized bed. it has since come to be used more generally to describe anything that is larger or extra-large in size.


  1. The king-size bed was more than enough for the tall athlete, allowing him to stretch out comfortably.
  2. The king-size chocolate bar was the perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.
  3. The king-size shirt was designed for larger men, offering more room and comfort.
  4. The king-size burger was a challenge for even the hungriest of eaters.
  5. The king-size mattress was a luxurious addition to the master bedroom, providing a comfortable and spacious sleeping area.
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