Knuckle ( noun , verb )

(As a noun)

Knuckle ( noun )

  1. A rounded protuberance on a joint; a joint that can be bent and straightened as in a finger.
  2. A small rounded protuberance, such as one on a stem or leaf.


Middle english knokkel, from old english cnocc, from old norse knokkr.


  1. He rubbed his sore knuckles after the fight.
  2. The plant has a soft knuckle where it is connected to the stem.
  3. She held her knuckles to her chin and looked down at the floor.
  4. The old man had big knuckles and arthritis made them even larger.
  5. He cracked his knuckles as he prepared to solve the puzzle.

(As a verb)

Knuckle ( verb )

  1. To strike or press with a knuckle or other sharp protuberance.
  2. To force into submission; to bring under control.


Middle english knokkelen, from old english cnocian, from cnocc knuckle.


  1. She knuckled the door until it finally opened.
  2. The wrestler knuckled his opponent and won the match.
  3. The boss knuckled his workers until they agreed to his demands.
  4. He knuckled down and completed the project on time.
  5. The horse knuckled and threw its rider.
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