Quark (noun)

  1. A type of elementary particle that is considered to be a building block of matter and constitutes the basic constituents of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom.
  2. A type of cheese that is smooth, creamy and spreadable.


The word 'quark' was proposed by physicist murray gell-mann and derived from the phrase 'three quarks for muster mark' in james joyce's novel 'finnegans wake'.


  1. Quarks interact with one another through the strong nuclear force and are never observed in isolation.
  2. Quarks are often used as a filler in many different recipes.
  3. Quark cheese is a staple in many German dishes, particularly in quark spƤtzle and quark dumplings.
  4. The discovery of the charm quark in the 1970s confirmed the existence of multiple types of quarks.
  5. Quark theory, which describes the interactions between quarks, is an important part of our understanding of the fundamental structure of matter.
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