Quill (noun)

  1. A large, stiff feather used as a writing implement before the invention of the fountain pen.
  2. A hollow tubular feather used as a writing implement in ancient times.


Middle english: from old norse kvǫllr; related to middle low german quelle 'spring, well'.


  1. She wrote her letter with a quill, dipping it into the ink pot every few words.
  2. The quill was a common writing implement in the days before the ballpoint pen.
  3. The author used a quill to write the first draft of his novel, before typing it on a computer.
  4. The poet carefully selected the right quill for his work, choosing one with a fine tip for intricate details.
  5. The quill was made from the primary flight feathers of a large bird, such as a goose or a swan.
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