Succulence (noun)

  1. The quality of being juicy, plump, and full of moisture.
  2. The property of being moist, juicy and flavorful.
  3. The state or characteristic of having a lot of juice or sap.


Derived from the latin 'succulentus' meaning juicy or plump.


  1. The succulence of the freshly picked fruit was unmatched by any other variety.
  2. The succulence of the meat was a testament to the high-quality ingredients used in the dish.
  3. The succulence of the vegetables was due to the ample rainfall received in the region.
  4. The succulence of the watermelon was greatly appreciated on a hot summer day.
  5. The succulence of the grape was the reason it was highly sought after for wine making.
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