Yard ( noun , verb )

(As a noun)

Yard ( noun )

  1. An enclosed outdoor space attached to a building, typically used for storage or recreation.
  2. A unit of length equal to three feet, used in the United States and other countries.


From middle english yerde, from old english geard ("enclosure, yard, garden"), from proto-germanic *gardaz ("enclosure, yard"), from proto-indo-european *gʰórdʰos ("enclosure").


  1. The yard was filled with toys and tools, the remnants of many a summer day spent outside.
  2. The yard was beautifully landscaped, with lush green grass and vibrant flowers.
  3. A yard of cloth is equal to 36 inches.
  4. The football player ran for 10 yards in the last play of the game.
  5. The couple converted their yard into a vegetable garden, growing their own fresh produce.

(As a verb)

Yard ( verb )

  1. To manage or care for a yard, garden or park.
  2. To measure in yards.


From middle english yerden, from old english geardian ("to enclose, defend, guard"), from proto-germanic *gardōną ("to enclose"), from proto-indo-european *gʰórdʰ- ("to enclose").


  1. She spends all her weekends yarding, planting and maintaining her beautiful garden.
  2. The football team yards the ball for a first down.
  3. The company will yard their products in the new warehouse.
  4. The carpenter will yard the wood for the new deck.
  5. The team was yards ahead of their opponents in the last quarter of the game.
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