Yard (noun)

  1. An enclosed outdoor space attached to a building, typically used for storage or recreation.
  2. A unit of length equal to three feet, used in the United States and other countries.


From middle english yerde, from old english geard ("enclosure, yard, garden"), from proto-germanic *gardaz ("enclosure, yard"), from proto-indo-european *gʰórdʰos ("enclosure").


  1. The yard was filled with toys and tools, the remnants of many a summer day spent outside.
  2. The yard was beautifully landscaped, with lush green grass and vibrant flowers.
  3. A yard of cloth is equal to 36 inches.
  4. The football player ran for 10 yards in the last play of the game.
  5. The couple converted their yard into a vegetable garden, growing their own fresh produce.
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