Yellowjacket (noun)

A type of stinging wasp that is yellow and black in color and known for its aggressive behavior.


The term 'yellowjacket' is derived from the yellow and black coloring of some species of wasps in the genus vespula. the first recorded use of the term was in the mid-19th century.


  1. The yellowjacket was buzzing around the picnic table, attracted to the sweet smell of the soda.
  2. The yellowjacket nested in the ground, building underground colonies that could contain thousands of wasps.
  3. The yellowjacket was a feared predator, hunting other insects and spiders to feed to its young.
  4. The yellowjacket was known for its painful and sometimes dangerous sting, and should be avoided whenever possible.
  5. The yellowjacket was an important part of the ecosystem, helping to control populations of other insects and pollinating plants.
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