Yup (interjection)

  1. Yes, that is correct.
  2. Yes, I agree.


Of uncertain origin, perhaps a variant of 'yep' or a combination of 'yes' and 'up'.


  1. Person 1: Are we meeting at the park today? Person 2: Yup.
  2. Person 1: Do you like pizza? Person 2: Yup, it's my favorite food.
  3. Person 1: Is it raining outside? Person 2: Yup, I can hear it on the roof.
  4. Person 1: Do you want to go to the concert tonight? Person 2: Yup, I already bought the tickets.
  5. Person 1: Are you ready to order? Person 2: Yup, I'll have a burger and fries, please.
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