Zealotry (noun)

Excessive and extreme devotion to a particular cause, especially a political or religious one.


Derived from the latin word 'zelosus' meaning 'zealous'.


  1. The zealotry of the activists was both admirable and frightening, as they would stop at nothing to achieve their goals.
  2. The zealotry of the followers of the cult was both dangerous and misguided, as they believed that their leader was a prophet and that their cause was the only true one.
  3. The zealotry of the revolutionaries was both inspiring and naive, as they believed that their ideals would conquer all and that their sacrifices would be rewarded.
  4. The zealotry of the fanatics was both admirable and tragic, as they gave their lives for their beliefs, but in doing so they destroyed the lives of others.
  5. The zealotry of the zealots was both admirable and pitiful, as they had a strong faith and conviction, but they were often misinformed, misguided, and sometimes even evil.
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