Agglutination (noun)

  1. The process of sticking together, the state of being stuck together, or a product of this.
  2. The union of separate linguistic units into a single word without changes in their forms.
  3. The clumping of cells, bacteria, or other particles through physical interaction or by using a chemical substance.


Late latin agglutinatio, from latin agglutinare, from ad- + glutinare to glue.


  1. The agglutination of the cells led to the formation of a clot.
  2. The agglutination of linguistic units formed the present-day vocabulary of the language.
  3. The agglutination of particles was seen under the microscope.
  4. The glue caused the agglutination of the broken pieces.
  5. The blood sample showed a positive result for agglutination.
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