Airship (noun)

  1. A type of aircraft that is powered by engines and has a long, narrow body with a rigid framework, typically filled with helium or hydrogen to make it buoyant.
  2. A type of aircraft that is lighter than air and can be navigated and controlled by a crew.


From the word "air" meaning the upper atmosphere and "ship" meaning a vessel or vehicle, referring to a vehicle that can travel through the air.


  1. The Hindenburg was a famous German airship that tragically caught fire in 1937.
  2. The airship flew over the city, providing passengers with a bird's-eye view of the skyline.
  3. The military used airships for reconnaissance missions during World War I.
  4. The airship was filled with helium gas and floated gracefully in the sky.
  5. The airship was an impressive sight as it slowly drifted over the crowd.
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