Airstream (noun)

  1. An airstream is a flow of air, especially as it moves past an object such as an aircraft.
  2. An airstream can also refer to a stream of air produced by a fan or other mechanical means.


The word "airstream" is a compound of "air" and "stream".


  1. The airstream produced by the aircraft's wing was critical in determining its lift and stability.
  2. The airstream was carefully monitored during the flight, as changes in the airflow could have a significant impact on the aircraft's performance.
  3. The airstream produced by the air conditioning unit was refreshingly cool on the hot summer day.
  4. The airstream from the open window was a welcome relief from the stuffy, humid air in the room.
  5. The airstream from the fan provided a soothing breeze, helping to calm and relax the passengers on the flight.
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