Alabaster (noun)

  1. A type of fine-grained, translucent marble or gypsum that is typically white or light-colored.
  2. A statue or carving made of alabaster.
  3. A white or light-colored material that resembles alabaster, especially a type of unglazed porcelain.


Middle english: from old french alabastre, via latin from greek alabastros, denoting a vase made of a type of fine-grained, translucent marble found in the eastern mediterranean region.


  1. The alabaster vase was a beautiful piece of art.
  2. The alabaster statue was a masterpiece of the artist's work.
  3. The alabaster lamp was a unique addition to the room.
  4. The alabaster wall was a striking feature of the building.
  5. The alabaster figurine was a delicate and intricate piece.
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