Allurement (noun)

Something that tempts or attracts, especially by arousing hope or desire.


The word 'allurement' is derived from the middle english word 'aluren' which means 'to attract'. the first recorded use of the term in english was in the 14th century.


  1. The allurement of wealth and fame was too great for him to resist, leading him to make a series of reckless decisions.
  2. The allurement of adventure and discovery drew many explorers to the New World, risking their lives in pursuit of their dreams.
  3. The allurement of the exotic and unknown was a powerful draw for travelers and tourists, inspiring them to seek out new destinations and experiences.
  4. The allurement of power and influence was a corrupting influence, leading many politicians to put their own interests ahead of those of the people.
  5. The allurement of success and achievement was a driving force for many entrepreneurs, pushing them to work tirelessly to build their businesses and reach their goals.
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