Angiosperm (noun)

An angiosperm is a flowering plant species characterized by the production of seeds that are enclosed in an ovary (fruit) rather than in cones as in gymnosperms.


The word "angiosperm" comes from the greek words "angeion" (vessel) and "sperma" (seed), referring to the fact that the seeds of angiosperms are protected and enclosed in a structure, usually a fruit.


  1. The angiosperm Magnolia is known for its beautiful and fragrant flowers.
  2. Most of the food crops that we eat, such as corn, rice, and wheat, are angiosperms.
  3. The botanist was particularly interested in studying the evolution and diversity of angiosperms.
  4. The angiosperm apple tree is an important commercial crop, grown for its fruit and cider.
  5. The botanical garden had a large collection of angiosperms from all over the world, showcasing the beauty and diversity of flowering plants.
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