Antislavery (adjective)

Opposed to or working to abolish the practice of slavery.


The word 'antislavery' is derived from the prefix 'anti-' meaning 'opposed to' and 'slavery', referring to the practice of owning people as property.


  1. The antislavery movement in the 19th century fought to end the evil of slavery and secure freedom for all people.
  2. The antislavery campaigners used various tactics, such as peaceful protests and abolitionist speeches, to raise awareness and encourage change.
  3. The antislavery laws, passed by various countries and states, helped to abolish the institution of slavery and give freedom to enslaved people.
  4. The antislavery activists and abolitionists, such as William Wilberforce and Harriet Tubman, were instrumental in bringing about the end of slavery in many parts of the world.
  5. The antislavery cause has continued to inspire and guide people in the fight against all forms of oppression and discrimination.
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