Apothecary (noun)

A person who prepares and sells drugs and medicines; a pharmacist.


The word 'apothecary' comes from the old french 'apotecaire' and latin 'apothecarius', both meaning a storekeeper of drugs or a pharmacist.


  1. In the Middle Ages, apothecaries were known for their knowledge of herbs and their ability to create remedies for various ailments.
  2. The apothecary would mix and dispense the medicines according to the physician's prescriptions.
  3. The apothecary shop was a common feature in medieval towns and cities, where people would go to buy remedies and tonics.
  4. In the modern era, the role of the apothecary has evolved into that of a licensed pharmacist, who is responsible for dispensing prescription drugs and providing health advice.
  5. The term 'apothecary' is still used in some English-speaking countries, especially in reference to historical or traditional pharmacies.
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