Apparatchik (noun)

A member of a bureaucratic organization, especially one who blindly follows orders and lacks independent judgment.


The word 'apparatchik' comes from the russian word 'аппаратчик' (apparátčik), which means 'a member of the communist party bureaucracy'. the word was originally used to describe soviet officials, but has since been adopted to describe bureaucratic officials in other contexts.


  1. Critics of the government often use the term 'apparatchik' to describe officials who lack the initiative or independence to make meaningful changes.
  2. Many people view the bureaucrats at the Department of Motor Vehicles as faceless apparatchiks who are more interested in enforcing the rules than helping the public.
  3. During the height of the Soviet Union, the term 'apparatchik' was often used to describe members of the Communist Party who rose to power through political connections rather than merit.
  4. Some people believe that the bureaucracies of large corporations are populated by apparatchiks who are more interested in maintaining the status quo than innovating and taking risks.
  5. In a dystopic society, the ruling party's apparatchiks were the enforcers of the government's oppressive policies, carrying out orders without question or mercy.
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