Chromium (noun)

  1. A metallic chemical element (Cr) with atomic number 24.
  2. A shiny, hard, silver-gray metal that is used to make steel and other alloys, as well as pigments, dyes, and other compounds.


From the french chromium, from greek χρῶμα (khrōma, "color"). the element was discovered in 1797 by louis-nicholas vauquelin and named due to its many colorful compounds.


  1. Chromium is an essential trace element in the human diet, but large amounts can be toxic.
  2. The car's chrome trim was polished to a mirror finish.
  3. He was working with chromium compounds in the lab.
  4. Chromium is used to harden and protect steel against corrosion.
  5. The jewelry was made of white gold and it was plated with chromium.
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