Clamber (verb)

  1. To climb up or down something using one's hands and feet in a difficult or awkward way.
  2. To climb something by holding on to it or by grasping it with the hands and feet.
  3. To scramble over or through something in an awkward manner.


The word 'clamber' is derived from middle english 'clamberen' which was a variant of 'clambren' meaning 'to climb'. it is a cognate of middle low german 'klammern' which means 'to cling'.


  1. She clambered up the cliff face, her hands and feet seeking out holds.
  2. He clambered over the fence, trying to avoid being seen.
  3. The children clambered up the tree, eager to reach the highest branches.
  4. The hikers clambered down the rocky path, carefully picking their way.
  5. The dog clambered onto the bed, wagging its tail excitedly.
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