Coherence (noun)

  1. The quality of being logically or aesthetically ordered and consistent.
  2. The quality of sticking together and cohering as a mass.
  3. A property of waves that causes them to remain in phase with each other.
  4. The property of light that causes it to travel in a straight line and prevents the spread of its energy into the surrounding space.


From late latin cohaerentia, from latin cohaerere ("to stick together"), from co- ("together") + haerere ("to stick").


  1. The coherence of his argument was undeniable.
  2. The coherence of the book is enhanced by the consistency of its tone.
  3. The coherence of the group's ideas made for a strong plan.
  4. The coherence of the laser beam is maintained by passing it through a resonator.
  5. The coherence of the waves in the sea allowed for a successful surfing competition.
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