Coleslaw (noun)

A salad consisting of finely shredded cabbage and often carrots, dressed with mayonnaise or a vinegar-based dressing.


Late 19th century; earliest use found in the ohio farmer. from dutch koolsla, from kool cabbage + sla salad.


  1. The coleslaw was a tangy and crunchy side dish that complemented the barbecue perfectly.
  2. She added a touch of honey to the dressing to give the coleslaw a touch of sweetness.
  3. The vegetarian coleslaw made a healthy and satisfying lunch option.
  4. The creamy coleslaw was a hit at the potluck and several people asked for the recipe.
  5. The coleslaw was a staple at deli sandwiches and added a refreshing crunch to the sandwich.
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