Conformism (noun)

  1. The practice of adhering to a set of cultural, social, or political norms and values, often to the extent of suppressing one's individuality.
  2. The act of conforming to a standard, pattern, or norm, often in an uncritical or unthinking manner.
  3. A lack of diversity or originality in thought or behavior.


Derived from the latin word conformare, meaning 'to shape or mold'.


  1. The rise of conformism in the society led to homogeneity in thinking and behavior.
  2. He was accused of conformism for adhering to the political party's stance without question.
  3. Her conformity to gender roles was seen as an obstacle to her career advancement.
  4. The trend towards conformism in fashion has led to a lack of individuality in personal style.
  5. His refusal to conform to societal expectations made him an outlier in the community.
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