Jackal (noun)

A carnivorous mammal of the genus Canis, native to Africa and Asia, similar to a small wolf, and typically scavenging food from other predators.


From middle english jakke, from old french jaquele, from medieval latin iacculus, from late latin iaculum ("thrown weapon"), from latin iacere ("to throw"). sense of "a type of wild dog" is from a supposed similarity in appearance or behavior. first recorded in english in the 14th century.


  1. The jackal was known for its distinctive howl that echoed across the savannah.
  2. Jackals are highly adaptable and can live in many different habitats.
  3. A pack of jackals was seen hunting down a gazelle in the African plains.
  4. The jackal is often considered a symbol of cunning and deceit.
  5. In Hindu mythology, the jackal is considered a symbol of transformation and wisdom.
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