Jute (noun)

A strong, coarse plant fiber obtained from the stem of the jute plant, used for making burlap, twine, and other coarse fabrics.


The word jute is derived from the word "jhuta" or "juta" which is the bengali name for the plant. it is a natural fiber that is obtained from the stem of the plant corchorus olitorius and corchorus capsularis. it has been used for centuries, especially in the indian subcontinent and is known for its high strength and low cost.


  1. Jute is commonly used to make burlap bags for shipping agricultural products.
  2. The carpet was made from jute, a natural and eco-friendly fiber.
  3. The jute rope was strong enough to hold the weight of the heavy load.
  4. The jute fabric was rough to the touch, but very durable.
  5. Jute fibers are used in making a variety of household and industrial items such as mats, rugs, and floor coverings.
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