Kaleidoscope (noun)

  1. A device consisting of two mirrors placed at an angle of 60 degrees to each other, used for producing changing patterns of colored light and shapes.
  2. A constantly changing pattern or sequence of events or ideas.


From greek καλός (kalós) meaning "beautiful" and εἶδος (eîdos) meaning "form, shape".


  1. She looked through the kaleidoscope and was mesmerized by the beautiful patterns of light.
  2. The political landscape of the country was a kaleidoscope of different parties and ideologies.
  3. The designer used a kaleidoscope of colors to create a vibrant and dynamic look for the fashion collection.
  4. The kaleidoscope of life is never dull, always changing and ever-fascinating.
  5. He held the kaleidoscope up to the light and twisted the end to create different designs.
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