Queue (noun)

  1. A line of people, vehicles or other things waiting for something.
  2. A set of instructions or data that is waiting to be processed.
  3. A hairstyle in which the hair is worn long and gathered up in the back, usually in a ponytail.


The word "queue" is derived from the latin word "coda", which means tail. the word came into english in the early 17th century and originally referred to a line of people waiting for something, like a line of people waiting to see a king or queen.


  1. There was a long queue at the post office.
  2. She joined the queue for the bus.
  3. The waiting time for the queue was over an hour.
  4. The computer system was slowed down by a large queue of data.
  5. She wore her hair in a queue, tied with a ribbon.
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