Welt (noun)

  1. A strip of leather or other material sewn along the edge of a shoe or boot to reinforce it and to provide a surface for attaching the sole.
  2. A raised mark or ridge on the skin caused by a blow or pressure.
  3. A decorative strip of material used to trim clothing or upholstery.


The word "welt" comes from the middle english word "welte" which in turn comes from the old english word "wealt" which means "a raised border or ridge". the first known use of this word in the english language was in the 14th century.


  1. The shoemaker carefully sewed a welt around the edge of the leather upper before attaching the sole.
  2. I got a welt on my leg after walking into the sharp corner of the table.
  3. The couch had a welt of red velvet running along the top of the backrest.
  4. The welt on her back was evidence of the abuse she had suffered at the hands of her husband.
  5. The welt on his cheek was starting to turn a deep purple.
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