Zither (noun)

A musical instrument consisting of a flat, horizontal soundboard with several strings of varying lengths stretched across it, played by plucking the strings with the fingers.


Derived from the german word 'zither'.


  1. The zither is a versatile musical instrument, it can be played as a solo instrument or in ensemble with other instruments.
  2. The zither has a rich history, it was first mentioned in the 16th century and it has been used in many cultures and musical styles over the centuries.
  3. The zither is a popular instrument, it is widely used in many countries, from Austria and Germany to Japan and China.
  4. The zither is a unique instrument, it has a unique sound and it can be used to produce a wide range of sounds and styles, from folk to classical and from pop to jazz.
  5. The zither is a beautiful instrument, it has a simple yet elegant design and it is often decorated with intricate patterns and carvings, making it a work of art as well as a musical instrument.
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