Cascade (noun)

  1. A waterfall, especially one of steep descent.
  2. A series of waterfalls or rapids in a river or stream.
  3. A large and continuous flow of something, especially a sequence of events or actions.
  4. A mass of things, especially things that resemble water, that fall or flow over or down in stages or tiers.
  5. A steep or sudden drop in a characteristic, such as pressure, voltage, or temperature, in a system.


Derived from the french word "cascade" meaning "waterfall", from the italian word "cascata", from the latin word "cascata" meaning "a fall, rush down".


  1. The cascade of the waterfall was stunning, with water falling from a great height.
  2. The cascade of the river was a popular destination for rafting and kayaking.
  3. The cascade of events leading up to the disaster was inevitable.
  4. The cascade of emails that flooded my inbox was overwhelming.
  5. The cascade of particles in the accelerator was a complex and fascinating process.
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