Kevlar (noun)

  1. A heat-resistant, strong synthetic fiber, made of long chains of molecules called polymers, used in the manufacture of bullet-proof vests, ropes, and other forms of protective gear.
  2. A type of synthetic fiber that is five times stronger than steel and is used to make bullet-proof vests, helmets and other forms of protective gear.


From the name of the american chemist stephanie kwolek who first developed the material in 1965 at dupont.


  1. The kevlar vest saved the officer's life during the shooting.
  2. The helmet is made from a combination of plastic and kevlar.
  3. Kevlar is used in the manufacturing of body armor and other bullet-proof materials.
  4. Kevlar is also used to make strong and durable ropes.
  5. Kevlar fibers are also used in composite materials for aerospace and automotive applications.
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